As a proud father, Mr. Veasna MEAS has dedicated his life career in tourism since the time there are only very few professional here in Siem Reap which is the booming tourist destination in Cambodia and the world permitted by the presence of the glorious world heritage site of Angkor archaeological site.

Veasna is a multi language speaking tour guides of English and Spanish, he used to live and study in Spain. To move his life one step ahead to form a happy family and have a son named Visoth. No one could really control the limit of life, Visoth was not have his great luck from this great father just several and he left the family forever.

Veasna has never thought before that he would be doing the business but Visoth stay deep into his life, therefore to have Visoth stay with him and see his growth everyday, Veasna turn his name into a beautiful business in the hospitality, that is Visoth Boutique with the motto of “The arts of accommodation & hospitality!”

Those who stay with Visoth Boutique is not only the guest but the friends and a good friends of Visoth, therefore they are carefully treated and having the warmest hospitality.